The studio of Focus Film pictures, comes to meet the most demanding in the field of artistic photography and professional video recording.

Equipped with the latest audio image-processing machines and photography is able to create and videographers photographing highly professional. We have cameras, machinery, computers and programs used in large channels and professional studios, Greece and Europe for the production of films, documentaries, television advertising spots and artistic video clips.

So we turn to you to cover events you would like to stay indelible in your memory, but not a simple patchwork parody images, but with professional shots, excellent montage and directing care. Possibility of cover with many cameras, social events (weddings, receptions, etc.), Cultural and sports activities, theatrical and musical performances as well as scientific conferences and lectures.

Possibility coverage throughout Greece! In a “ride” in the pages you will certainly see us and you will find what you are looking for but also something that perhaps you had thought.

Thank you for the time you spend and we are sure you will say: “It was worth it”